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Welcome to YellowLight.co.uk - we're here because Sony refuse to accept the hardware fault which is causing Playstation 3s all over the world to grind to a halt with the YLoD.

On here you'll find information on the YLoD itself, how to fix it yourself, Sony's opinion on the matter and other such information.

There is also a discussion forum, and we'd encourage you to get involved, even if it's just to say hello and let us know about your YLoD stories.

We wants to drum up enough interest, and enough unhappy people for Sony to be unable to suggest it's a rare occurance, and start to repair YLoD faults beyond the standard 12 month warranty.

It would certainly settle some of the bad feelings towards Sony, and improve their reputation before the next generation kicks in.


1 MAR 2010: It is March Yet?

Fat PS3s Confused by the lack of February

Today saw one of the most ridiculous situations arise on the PS3. Details are sketchy at the moment, but the problem (which involves all non-slim PS3 machines) appears to be as a result of the date chip on the old PS3s being faulty. The machine believes the date is the 29th February 2010 (a date which everyone knows doesn't exist) and has a brief argument with Sony's servers before running off with its virtual tail between its already battered virtual legs.

Sony's advice is to not use your PS3 until further notice, as it can corrupt saved game data, lose your trophies and make you think it's actually 1999 again.

Although in 1999 I'm sure both people and machines had a fair idea what the date was...


4 FEB 2010: Get Backup

New Site Content: Backup Your PS3

It took a little longer than I'd hoped, but Kevling's fantastic guide to backing up and restoring your PS3 is no live on the site.

Access it in one of two ways - either click the Backing Up link on the menu for an introduction and links to the sub sections, or select an option from the submenu that will pop up as you hover over that section.

This is a massively overlooked practice amongst PS3 owners, and certainly one worth understanding. Read our guide, grab yourself some external storage and get backing up!



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