What is the Yellow Light of Death (YLoD)?



The Yellow Light of Death is the PS3's version of the well known Red Rings of Death sometimes found on the XBox360 - a method the hardware uses to communicate to the user that something has gone seriously wrong. Unlike the 360, the PS3's light has no pattern to it to differentiate one problem from another, and so the actual nature of the YLoD is often something of a mystery.

One thing is certain though - if you've developed the YLoD, you won't be using your PS3 again without a fight. If it's within warranty, or you have Continuous Play insurance then Sony will replace it free of charge, but if you can't tick either of those boxes then you've got a decision to make - either send it to Sony to fix for a fee (see the Sony's View page) or have a go at fixing it yourself (see Fixing the YLoD). It's worth noting that the only way to get your saved data off the hard drive is to fix it yourself. If you send it to Sony, they'll be gone. Bummer.

The Yellow Light is a shock to almost everyone who gets it. One of those things you never expect to happen to you. Added to that, most people (to which we are no exception) are convinced that if they phone Sony and have a rant, they might just decide that the customer has a point and offer a free exchange. Everyone leaves that conversation angry and disappointed.

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