Backing Up Your PS3 - Things to Consider & Final Thoughts


Somes steps to consider before carrying out any of the backups or transfers mentioned in this article

(a) Back up, or "sync", trophy information

(b) Home: If you have been awarded PlayStation Home reward items (say, from a trophy, like in Singstar), log in to Home to claim your reward items

(c) LittleBigPlanet - Back up your profile information and stages you created in LittleBigPlanetâ„¢ to your saved game.

Never Enough - The YellowLight Verdict

So there you have it - the three main options available to getting data off your old PS3 and onto your new one, all of which have their flaws.

USB Stick - OK for copying saves but not much else
Backup / Restore - Works well but some data will not transfer to a different PS3
Data Transfer - the Rolls Royce option, but you need both consoles in working order at the same time


YellowLight's recommendation, is similar to the industry standard backup practises - occasionaly full backup, with incremental ones in between, so:
(1) Occasionally carry out a full backup onto an external hard drive, say, once a month.
(2) Then use a USB stick in the meantime to backup your saved games as and when you play.

Until Sony allow us to restore complete backup data onto a different PS3, or let us swap hard drives, I'm afraid this is as good as it gets., created by IdealStudio. We accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your PS3 as a result of following advice found on this site.