How to Fix the Yellow Light of Death

New Video: Refluxing (Scroll down for a full reflow guide)


Important points to remember

So you've decided to fix your YLoD? Good decision. You'll need a few basics, which will set you back a few quid but will let you perform the reflow operation and get your struggling PS3 back up and running. You'll need:

  • A couple of hours
  • A heat gun capable of 350/400C
  • Some thermal compound
  • Some non-clean flux
  • A variety of screwdrivers

There are two guides to follow. I imagine you've spotted the videos on the left hand side of the page... these are excellent videos taking you through every step of the reflux and reflow procedure. Massive thanks to Gilksy for putting these together.

PDFAlso worth having is the PDF. Download that by clicking here...

While we wish you all the luck in the world with your attempts to fix your YLoD, doing so will invalidate your warrantee and from this point onwards Sony won't touch your PS3.

In addition to this, we take no responsibility should anything go wrong by doing this. Take your time, be careful and you should be fine, but be aware this isn't a 100% reliable fix and even if it does work you shouldn't expect to get another 3 years out of your console., created by IdealStudio. We accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your PS3 as a result of following advice found on this site.