Backup Option 1: Boys Don't Cry (unless copying manually to a USB drive)


This option is, as the name suggests, the quickest option as it can be done incrementally as you use your PS3 from day to day. However, as I learnt this week, doing this to fully backup multiple profiles on your PS3 can be a long drawn out process, especially if you have a considerable number of saves on your console.

Requirements: A USB flash drive (or external HDD)

Step by Step Guide

(a) Have a USB flash drive (or external HDD) attached to your PS3 at all times

(b) After each gaming session, go into the Saved Game Utility, press Triangle on the saved games you have just saved, and select 'Copy'. You'll be asked where to copy it to (the USB drive, or another profile on your PS3 if you have one) - choose the USB drive.

Copy to USB

(c) That's it!


On your replacement PS3, insert your USB flash drive, and under Game go to the Saved Data Utility. Press triangle on each savegame in turn and select Copy to save that file onto your PS3.... one by one... for every save game on your memory stick.

A word of warning - if you have multiple profiles on your PS3, this method is not practical (unless you each have a USB stick), as you can easily end up overwriting one user's backup with another's if both have saves for the same game.


Quick and easy if done regularly

Not practical for large numbers of saved games / multiple profiles
Protected save games cannot be copied, created by IdealStudio. We accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your PS3 as a result of following advice found on this site.