Backup Option 2: In Between Days (or Backup and sort-of Restore)


This option is primarily designed for restoring data back to the same PS3. You *can* restore the backup to a new PS3 but certain data will not transfer. This makes it ideal for hard drive upgrades, but not so great for replacing your launch console with a newer model.

The backup itself will be compressed, so you don't necessarily need the same amount of free space on the USB drive that you are using on the PS3. It seems to compress the data by between a third and a half, for example, my PS3 was reporting 61Gb free out of 110Gb (so 49Gb was in use), and the corresponding backup was 26Gb.

Also - the hard drive should be formatted as FAT32 - an NTFS or Mac formatted drive will not be recognised by the PS3. The hard drive does not need to be empty - your backup will be saved in a 'PS3' folder.

Finally - to speed the backup up, you can go into the Game Data folder and delete any installs and patches for games that you don't play regularly. The backup will copy everything off your PS3, so you will save time (and space) by making sure you only have stuff on your PS3 that you actually want to keep.

Requirements: USB External hard drive with enough free space for a backup.

Step by Step Guide

To carry out a backup:-
(a) Connect the USB hard drive

(b) On your XMB go to Settings -> System Settings -> Backup Utility -> Backup

PS3 Backup

(c) You will be prompted that trophies will not back up, and be reminded to do a 'Trophy Sync' on each account on your PS3. The bad news here is that any trophies on profiles that do NOT have PSN accounts will be lost forever.

(d) The PS3 will now begin the backup (my 49Gb backup took just over an hour)

(e) When the backup is complete, you will be told what it is called and how large the file is.


To restore the backup onto your PS3
(a) Connect the USB hard drive containing the backup

(b) On your XMB go to Settings -> System Settings -> Backup Utility -> Restore Backup

(c) The PS3 will ask you to confirm which backup data to restore (it is possible to have multiple backups on the same drive - they are all saved separately)

(d) Wait while your PS3 workls its magic

(e) That's it!

As mentioned above, as long as you are restoring the data onto the same PS3, your data will be 100% restored.


If you are restoring to a different console, there are some things to be aware of:-

(a) copy protected saved games will not restore (e.g. Killzone 2)

(b) PSN downloaded content/games etc., will not restore and must be re-downloaded

(c) Profiles on the new console will now have an asterisk (*) after their name. This serves no purpose other than to make it obvious to you that they came from the restore, so you can just edit them to remove the superfluous character. You will also have to go into the PlayStation Network menu and relink any accounts to their PSN accounts. Once you have done this, you can redownload your PSN purchases and DLC that the backup didn't restore for you.

Only 100% reliable if the backup will be restored on the same PS3

Not perfect for migrating to a new console - you have to go through the full backup/restore process and pretty much only end up with most of your saved games.

Takes a while, so make sure you have plenty of time, created by IdealStudio. We accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your PS3 as a result of following advice found on this site.