Backup Option 3: Why Can't I Be You? (the mystic art of PS3 cloning)


In November 2009, Sony introduced firmware 3.15 which included a spangly new "data transfer" feature.

The main use for this is, surprisingly, to transfer all of your data from one PS3 to another, so is only going to be useful for a small number of people. Therein lies the nub of the matter - you need two working PS3s in your possession at the same time - your old one and your new one. In the world of YLoD, the only benefit to you is if your faulty PS3 gets repaired by a third party, and you also have bought a replacement.

If you are one of the lucky few who find themselves in such a position, you have pretty much the perfect solution.

Requirements: a normal ethernet cable and about an hour of your time. Oh and a way of connecting two PS3s to your TV at the same time.

Step by Step Guide

(a) Ensure both of your consoles are at Firmware 3.15 or higher

PS3 FW3.15

(b) Connect the ethernet cable to both of your consoles, and connect both of the consoles to your TV

(c) On the old PS3, go to Settings -> Systems Settings -> Data Transfer Utility

(d) Follow the on screen instructions, and choose "1. Transfer data from THIS system to the OTHER system". The PS3 will now wait until the second PS3 is ready. You'll have to be quick though.

PS3 Cloning

(e) On the new PS3, go to Settings -> Systems Settings -> Data Transfer Utility, and this time select "2. Transfer data from the OTHER system to THIS one". If you take longer than around thirty seconds to start it going, your original PS3 will get fed up of waiting and you'll have to start again.

PS3 Cloning

(f) Please note that any copy protected content will be deleted from your old console as part of the transfer. Everything else will be on both consoles.

(g) Remember you will need to activate the new console under Acount Management in the PlayStation Network menu before you can use anything that belongs to hat PSN account.

Pros: The perfect tansfer method - everything copies over
Cons: Only practial for YLoD sufferers if you get your original console repaired first, created by IdealStudio. We accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your PS3 as a result of following advice found on this site.