What Sony Say About the YLoD

An Introduction

If you were to phone Sony with the YLoD, they would tell you one of two things. If your PS3 was less than 12 months old you would be given a reference number, a few details taken and a newly refurbished working PS3 would be sent out to you in a few days in exchange for your dead machine. If there's a game inside you can expect a wait of several months for it to be returned to you, and forget about your saved games, PlayTV recordings and other media content you've copied onto the PS3 - that won't be coming back. Ever.

The alternative route is if your PS3 is over a year old. In this scenario, you'll be told that a repair will cost £128, and as before your stuck disk will be gone for some time, and your HDD content will be nothing more than a fond memory.

Despite Microsoft recognising the major faults in the XBox 360 (which caused the Red Rings of Death) and increasing their warantee to repair them within three years, Sony stand firm in refusing to follow this trend and insist on charging a fee.

Obviously, when people spent over £400 for a PS3 at launch, you expect it to last longer than a couple of years, especially when Sony are intending on utilising the PS3 for 10 years.

The response on the right is Sony's reply from the BBC Watchdog article. When we get a response of our own, we'll publish it immediately. Make of it what you will...

Sony's Response from the Watchdog Program

"We entirely refute the suggestion that PS3 consoles have an inherent defect or other design issue...Of all PS3's sold in the UK to date, fewer than one half of one percent of units have been reported as failing in circumstances where the yellow indicator is illuminated."

"The phrase "yellow light of death" has been adopted by certain members of the online community to describe the situation in which PS3 systems have shut down following the illumination of the yellow light on the PS3's front panel. The yellow light indicator is simply a non-specific fault indicator that can be triggered in a range of different circumstances."

"As regards the purported solution to the supposed "yellow light" issue adopted by commercial repairers, effecting a reflow correctly, to the required engineering standards and in a properly controlled static-safe environment requires the use of an infra-red BGA soldering station, which must be set up and programmed to run at very specific temperature profiles. Each such station costs tens of thousands of pounds.

Consequently, even if a yellow indicator/system shutdown were triggered by a soldering issue, it would be misleading for you to suggest to viewers that the basic solder reflow process you describe....is necessarily a reliable procedure when performed in that way, or that it can properly be done cheaply and quickly."

"It is standard practice for businesses in the electronics and many other consumer products sectors to provide free servicing/repairs only during the warranty period, but to charge for out of warranty repairs. It is therefore unfair to criticise Sony Computer Entertainment UK in this way."

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